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Sentrixx Security Solutions make security tools easier to use and less intrusive. The Key? We respect human creativity as much as technological efficency. Bottom line: humans are still important..


Sentrixx Security

Control Services Inc. is a major independent technology-based facility automation contractor providing integrated facility management, environmental control, and energy management. They provide complete turnkey services including design, installation, planned maintenance and services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and health care markets.

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New Arena

Control Services Mavericks

Sentrixx Security is proud to announce our selection as the temperature controls and video provider for the new UNO Hockey Arena scheduled to open in the fall of 2015. The main arena will seat 7,500 people and include suites and a club area.

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The Difference

People + Protection

Help your employees feel more secure while being more sensitive to their procedures, personal habits and preferences. It's possible with Double Edge Design from the 'security designers' at Sentrixx Security Solutions.

Competitors forget...

Most security system vendors rely solely on technology to solve their clients' needs. They underestimate the importance of the very people who must operate and use the system and those who threaten to breach it.

Equal footing...

Sentrixx professionals provide the latest technology, with their IP-based access systems and razor-sharp imaging on video monitoring equipment. But to Sentrixx and its customers, human beings are just as important as the technology mentioned above. Two large Xs joined by a horizontal line symbolize how people and IT are equally important when planning a system.

'Enlightened' security keeps talent

Good talent is your most important competitive edge. If your best people feel as if they are being treated disrespectfully by your security procedures and equipment, they will drift away. Now is the time to weave human beings back into your security program. It's the next wave of system.

The Process

The Double Edge security planning process

To protect your company, you must envision a broad number of breach scenarios that are only half evident or barely plausible. This requires a disciplined, Double Edge audit that helps you focus on the two parts of your culture that, when combined in an unpredictable way, could compromise your operations, finances, assets and most of all, the positive feeling that your employees now have about your firm.

Your people...employee habits, informal gathering spaces, procedures for exchanging information, lobby and exit protocol, rituals and routines among employee sub-groups and much more. What matters: noticing patterns and inconsistencies within those patterns. Employee logistics are just the beginning. Employee sentiments and group dynamics are all included in the Sentrixx Vulnerability Audit.

Your facility and technology: current security equipment and procedures, placement of cameras, problems with access cards and codes, computer access protocols, historically vulnerable areas...all these go into a Sentrixx facility audit. Also included: a close look at data management and the value of a conversation to wireless technology or IP-based monitoring.

The Double Edge audit and planning tool gives you a guided-path through a complicated assessment. When you know your situation, you can move forward with minimal risk on a Sentrixx solution and deployment.

Contact your Sentrixx professional now for a no-obligation, 90-minute evaluation of your security situation. The Double Edge audit and planner will equip you with the insight you need to bring your entire management team into the process.

Sentrixx for HR professionals

What if we understood human beings as well as we understood the latest information technology? Most security system vendors are not interested in this question, but the pros at Sentrixx are obsessed with it....as are the executives in your HR department.

Only HR professionals have been trained to detect the signs of employee instability. Their ability to detect patterns in employee behavior is critical to security planning. The Sentrixx security designers value their insight as much as they value the latest video technology. When these two perspectives are combined they create a security solution with a Double Edge.

The threat: creative, subtle and persevering, today's threat has insider knowledge and a deliberate, stealthy manner. They've been trained to trust their intuition, HR staffers may 'sense' when a threat is near.

The Security office: endless hours of watching videotape have dulled his 'situational awareness. Doesn't use most of the features on his security equipment, frustrating the IT staff.

Summary: coordinating a security solution without involving HR is like taking one leg off a three-legged stool: it doesn't stand up under pressure.

Sentrixx for security directors

All the features that are shaping the security industry - remote monitoring, centralized information management, wireless connectivity, mobile apps... are not enough.

It's a shocking comment. The missing piece is not new software or a better camera. The missing piece is greater insight into the people who use the equipment and the people who elude the equipment.

People are the (double) X factorthis opens a long-closed door. The human element is unpredictable and irrational. Few software developers or equipment installers understand this subtle reality.

A solution from Sentrixx is humanistic and holistic, anticipation every breach throughout your entire enterprise. Ask a Sentrixx 'security designer' to evaluate your facility, your technology and your assumptions about human behavior. Then ask for a Double Edge plan that protects and preserves, no matter how clever or stupid people are.

Sentrixx for IT supervisors

Are you frustrated that employees resent your well-designed security procedures and tools? Of course you are. Security is not always convenient. Your carefully designed solution must fit into your business culture, while not compromising the safety of your employers & visitors.

A solution that management lovesbring in those security 'designers' from Sentrixx and watch a change in attitude from the top down. The Sentrixx pros pay attention to 'humanistic' considerations such as 'how people feel' while using access cards and being monitored by your cameras. Top management loves that about Sentrixx. When you help Sentrixx succeed, top management will love you, too.

The best thing? Sentrixx shortens the time you spend training employees to use your system. Sentrixx creates security solutions that are intuitive and simpler to learn, so average human beings can figure them out without interruption you every 15 minutes. As a result, you'll feel less stress and leave the office in time to make dinner with the family.

The Sentrixx Promise

Nobody can promise that there will never be a breach again after a security initiative is deployed. But the Sentrixx security designers can promise that:

  • Your employees and facility will be better protected.

  • Your organizational norms will be honored and respected, not violated in the name of security.

  • You'll become a more mobile, porous organization without compromising your portfolio of intellectual property or other insider secrets.

  • You'll be better able to aggregate and interpret data that keeps your security personnel engaged and aware of the situation, moment by moment.

  • You'll shorten your investment time on security training because the Sentrixx equipment and protocol will be simpler, more intuitive, more...human.

  • You'll have more freedom to concentrate on revenue-generating strategies.

This is not hype or rhetoric, This is the Double Edge.


Access Control

Andover Continuum

Schneider Electric designs, manufactures, installs and supports feature-rich access control systems that meet stringent security requirements and government regulations. Our systems provide the encryption and authentication to enable tamper-proof communications between controllers and workstations.

S2 Systems

S2 Security pioneered the use of network appliances with 100% browser-delivered content to build flexible security and video management systems that meet the demands of both the security and the IT departments. A wide range of security and video management solutions and new products and revisions to existing ones frequently roll out of S2 laboratories and engineering teams.


Pacom GMS allows areas as well as cards to be defined with specific security levels. In the case of an emergency, areas can be set to change security level, and only allow cards with a particular security level to be granted access.

IP Video


Axis is the market leader in network video and a driving force behind the shift from analog to digital video surveillance, which paves the way for a more secure, smarter and safer world.


Sony's core technologies power its IP-based security and sureveillance products, providing features such as superb image quality and video analytics at the hardware level.

Milestone Systems

Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the global industry leader in open platform IP video management software. The XProtect platform delivers powerful surveillance that is easy to manage, reliable and proven in thousands of customer installations around the world.

Infant Protection

Hugs Infant Protection

Hugs protects more than 1.5 million infants every year in 1,300 hospitals worldwide, making it the #1 infant protection solution on the market.

CertaScan Technologies

CertaScan provides a 21st century solution to identifying infants in hospitals using a modern scanning technology and patent pending system to scan the feet of newborn babies. Footprints from birth are a recognized and viable way to uniquely identify each baby. Use of these footprints for forensic identification can be utilized throughout the life of the child.

Here are links to some of the publicity our installations have received:

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    Commend IP Intercom

    Latest-generation Intercom 2.0 technology powers control terminals, modules and intercom stations for speech, image and data transfer in markets ranging from rescue and correctional services to the medical and healthcare industry, as well as traffic facilities, communities and building operators.

    Intrusion Detection

    With a staff monitoring your facility 24x7 you can rest at ease. Sentrixx Security monitors commercial facilities for burglar, fire and other facility emergency alarms and notifies you immediately to ensure your building is secured.

    Aiphone Intercom

    Decrease expenses by centralizing security and communication. Aiphone intercom systems can control a multitude of security functions or can easily integrate into an existing infrastructure

    Resource Center


    Recently Tom Crawford was presented the Outstanding Security Technology Integrator Award by ASIS ( American Society for Industrial Security ). The award was presented to Tom at the annual ASIS Law Enforcement and Security Awards luncheon held on October 14th at the Ralston Arena.

    Tom began his career with the United States Air Force stationed in places such as Elmendorf AFB in Alaska and Offutt AFB in Bellevue, NE. After leaving the Air Force after 10 years of service, Tom moved back to Nebraska and entered the electronic security industry as a security technician for 10 years prior to joining Control Services in 2004. Soon after joining Control Services/Sentrixx Security he was promoted to lead security technician, and through his successes Tom now is Sentrixx Securitys project manager responsible for all security field operations.

    Under Toms leadership, Sentrixx Security has grown its field operations and continued to provide extraordinary customer service. It is Toms everyday commitment to Sentrixx Securitys customers and his security team as the reason Tom is the best in his field. We at Control Services and Sentrixx Security would like to congratulate Tom on this well deserved award and recognition.

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